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A pram, breastfeeding and child cover.

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What our Fans think

The Child Privacy Cover™ is one of those products that is simple yet genius, I wish I could tell all new mum's about it.

It saves so much time and energy trying to keep little ones covered when out and about.

Kelly, Bowen QLD

I use this over the pram and as a blanket for Henry, it's so soft, he loves it and always asks for his blanket....

Morgan, Toowoomba

I bought 2 Child Privacy Covers as gifts for friends. They absolutely love them!

No more muslin wraps flying off and they look so great! What an amazing product, great design and quality! This is my go to gift for new mums!

Natalia, Sydney NSW

Great addition for any pram!  My Child Privacy Cover stays on permanently as we walk every day and it protects bub against sun, insects, and magpies when in season.

Was an absolute must during the flu season when I had to venture out with a new bub.

Richelle, Banyo QLD

I'm really excited to get our cover in the mail and put it to good use! I'm sick of struggling with a muslin wrap.  This looks easy and much cooler.

Brooke, Marian QLD

I left my privacy cover at my mum's on our last trip to Sydney and I'm lost without it! Lucky mum is coming to visit next week so she'll bring it back to me.

I love your product so much I never leave home without it if I'm with the kids.

Sinem, VIC

Fletcher slept blissfully unaware of his surroundings and was safe from all germs 😍 First time using it and loved it. Thanks xx

Elyse, Ipswich QLD

What an awesome gift! Considering this was my 3rd bub I didn’t want to go and get a lot of new things and thought that the good old Muslin wrap was good enough to cover the pram, boy was I wrong.  I should have bought myself the Child Privacy Cover, cos it’s that good!

Megan, Brisbane QLD

Child Privacy Cover to the rescue, once again, Master Mason can get a good sleep and no nosey people will attempt to touch the baby!

Tenai, Brisbane QLD

"I use it every time I pull my pram out"

"We've fallen in love with our Child Privacy Cover™"

All in one solution to your cover-up needs.

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The Child Privacy Cover™ converts quickly and easily from a breastfeeding cover to a pram or child cover!

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