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Child Privacy Cover™

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A pram, breastfeeding and child cover.

 Multi Functional:
- Pram/Stroller Cover
- Breastfeeding/Nursing Cover
- Child Cover 

Product Features:
- Easy to Attach
- Multi Functional
- Value For Money
- Breathable​
- Universal Fit
- Limits Light

The Child Privacy Cover™ quickly and easily converts from a breastfeeding cover to a pram and child cover and so much more. An all-in-one solution to your cover-up needs.

The unique registered design allows you to maintain visibility of your child without disturbing their much needed rest.

The Child Privacy Cover™ is made from a cotton-rich blend.  This results in a soft, durable fabric that is less prone to pilling.  This fabric keeps it shape longer and doesn't shrink.  Best of all - you don't have to iron it!

When your child wakes, the Child Privacy Cover™ easily folds back with the hood of your pram.

You should feel comfortable breastfeeding your child anywhere.  If you chose to cover yourself while breastfeeding the Child Privacy Cover™ allows you to breastfeed your child discretely in public while still allowing you full visibility of your feeding child.


Never obstruct the pram wheels or brakes
Never leave your child unattended
Always follow the product & care instructions
Check your child often


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