Our Story

I'm Nat, the proud Design Owner of the Child Privacy Cover™.  I have two children. Emily, born 2012 and Tom, born 2014.

Just after Emily was born our family faced a very challenging time that meant we spent a lot of time away from home and in hospitals. Routine is important to us and I found getting Emily to sleep in her pram, away from home, was really difficult.​ That was when I developed the Child Privacy Cover™ and Emily's sleep improved immediately! It provided her with a safe, cosy environment, removing stimuli and limiting light, which in turn helped her sleep up to 400% longer (she was a bad sleeper).​

Best of all, it reduced the number of germs Emily was exposed to and meant she was protected from the hands of well meaning strangers - no one could touch her!

I maintain a close relationship with my family who are spread far and wide - Australia, New Zealand, United States of America & Japan. I am lucky to have had so many influential people impact my life journey so far. I wouldn't be where I am without my family and my support network, which includes some amazing friends!​

Tom Natalie, Design Owner - Child Privacy Cover™Emily

Our Product

It been a long journey of discovery and learning!  I spent years connecting with my global contacts to develop and enhance my contemporary, multi-use product.  It was developed with safety, functionality and value for money in mind. All carers will benefit from using the Child Privacy Cover™ as it provides an all in one solution to your cover-up needs!

I realised soon after my daughter was born that sleep away from home and routine were essential for us. Not only for the kids development and happiness but my sanity.

I wanted to cover the pram while we were out and about without the muslin wrap or blanket falling off and going under the wheels. I needed it to be quick and easy and I didn't want to struggle with 5 big clips.

Ensuring the Child Privacy Cover™ is a quality product at an affordable price was really important to me.  I worked closely with our Manufacturer to ensure our product met all expectations. The unique design means it converts quickly and easily from a pram cover to a breastfeeding cover and so much more!

Intellectual Property Australia

After conducting extensive market research and spending countless hours with my design consultant I submitted my Design Application to Intellectual Property Australia for examination. In 2014 I received a Certificate of Examination and Registration for my Multi-Functional Pram and Baby Cover.

A Certificate of Examination and Registration, issued by Intellectual Property Australia, is current under Design Number: 13278/2014

Enforcing of rights and protecting our design is of high priority. This is to ensure the Child Privacy Cover™ continues to be manufactured to our high standards and remains a quality product delivered to the market at an affordable price.

The manufacturing journey began soon after!​

 Vision and Purpose Statement