Will the Child Privacy Cover™ fit my pram?

The Child Privacy Cover™ is an all-in-one solution to your cover-up needs. Our multi-use product is soft on your skin and converts quickly and easily from a breastfeeding cover to a pram and child cover and so much more.

The following is a list of prams and strollers the Child Privacy Cover™ has been successfully fitted to.

4baby - jazz stroller
4baby - jet stroller
childcare - cabrio stroller
baby jogger - summit 3 wheel
baby jobber - city select
baby jobber - city elite
baby jobber - city mini gt
​baby jobber - city mini
baby jobber - city tour
britax - agile sp
bugaboo - bee 3
bugaboo - bee 3 carrycot
bugaboo - original cameleon 3 pram
bugaboo - cameleon 3+
bugaboo - cameleon 3 classic complete
bugaboo - buffalo+
​bugaboo - donkey+ babe v1.1
dymples - bondi stroller
dymples - royal stroller
dymples - envy
goodbaby - qbit stroller
​goodbaby - qbit+ stroller
icandy - strawberry 2 pram & carrycot
icandy - peach pram
icandy - raspberry pram
joie mirus stroller
joie nitro stroller
joie aire - twin stroller side by side (just fits around both hoods)
​joolz - geo chassis earth sil
joolz - geo chassis studio gris 1
maclaren - quest elite pram
mother choice - wilton stroller
mountain buggy - cosmopolitan buggy
mountain buggy - terrain 3
mountain buggy - urban jungle 3
mountain buggy - swift 3
mountain buggy - nano
mountain buggy - duet 2.5 (you need 2 x Child Privacy Covers)
recaro performance - denali
silvercross - pop 2 storller
silvercross - wayfarer seat & carrycot
silvercross - pioneer seat & carrycot
silvercross - pioneer henley special editions
steelcraft - strider compact
steelcraft - strider compact dlx edition pram
steelcraft - strider compact second seat 
steelcraft - agile stroller
steelcraft - agile plus
steelcraft - agile stroller twin (you need 2 x Child Privacy Covers)
steelcraft - excel layback stroller
steelcraft - fast fold
thule sweden - urban glide
valcobaby - snap
valcobaby - snap4
valcobaby - snap ultra
valcobaby - spark stroller
valcobaby - snap pram duo side by side (you need 2 x Child Privacy Covers)
vee bee - lio stroller
vee bee - pogo stroller
vee bee - doubletake tandem (you need 2 x Child Privacy Covers)
vee bee - twofold side by side (just fits around both hoods)

Note: the manufacturers listed have not endorsed the Child Privacy Cover™.


The Child Privacy Cover™ has been developed with your child's safety in mind.
​You should never leave your child unattended.  
Always check your child often.